A Modern Villa In Spanish Mountains

Situated in the charming Spanish town of Borriana, the ‘Cs House‘ is a modern villa, coherent in its vision and execution.

The house is located on a long, narrow plot of land, accessed by the north-facing side. From this point, the site looks onto the Sierra Calderona mountain, which in part provided inspiration for the project. The key focus was to occupy the plot with a series of volumes, placing them in a manner that would provide all spaces with double ventilation.

“This double glazing makes possible the viewing of the whole plot from the access to its final limit, where the outdoor pool is located,” says architect Antonio Altarriba Comes. When designing the villa, Comes wanted all spaces to relate to each other, leading to the creation of a continuous and coherent structure, externally and internally. To achieve this, the volumes of the ‘Cs House’ were built around the patio that welcomes the garden into the house, evoking a sense of infinite space.

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