A Grooming Retreat In The Barley

Set among the wild olive trees on a remote agricultural state in southern Mallorca, the project of designers Mariana de Delás and Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter is a unique space for grooming in the middle of the barley.

The ‘Grooming Retreat‘ was designed for a client, who – after living the life of a young urban professional – decided to come back to her hometown and take care of the family agricultural legacy. The structure is supposed to provide an unusual spot for personal cleaning. Based on the study of benefits to the animal from such rituals, the designers intended to create a space that would allow the client to take her time and step away from the madness of contemporary times. A fortress-like structure, it offers a serene space for one person to take care of the body hygiene. A beauty spot on the top, it also features a water tank and a horse station at the ground level. De Delás describes that such a private, intimate space among nature can help its user to gain self-confidence and reduce the stress of the everyday life.

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All images © Mariana de Delás