‘Returning Hut’ by FM.X Interior Design

In a today’s busy lifestyle, people often tend to look back and express deep nostalgia of being close to the nature. With this idea in mind, the team of FM.X Interior Design has created the ‘Returning Hut.’

The owner of the house, Mr. Zhang, grew up in the countryside. Finding contemporary villas and apartments to small, the client wished to have a paradise-like house to enjoy a leisurely life on his beloved piece of land. The site, located in Fujian, China, on a wild hillside surrounded by mountains, forests and facing the sea, is very tranquil and peaceful. Although it’s not so far away from the city’s downtown, it enables the inhabitants to feel as in a secluded place. The house’s design is simple, elegant and natural, showing respect for nature and exposing its charms. The main feature in this project is undoubtedly a huge window wall, facing the courtyard and providing spectacular open living space.

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All images © WU Yong-Chang